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I am Barney Davey. My mission is to help visual artists and fine art photographers succeed at the business of art. Since 1988, through my books, blogs, workshops and consulting, I have provided thousands of artists with practical advice, doable ideas, and useful information. I work every day to find new ways to inspire you to profitably run your art business so you can enjoy a great life making great art.

Smart Art Marketing Tools, Tips and Techniques that Work

Artists can use this site to find art marketing books, tools, tips and techniques on:

  • How to sell art
  • How to sell art prints and profit from the art print market
  • How to price art prints
  • How guerrilla marketing for artists can bulletproof their careers, and much more.

Get a Grip on the Art Print Market.

Do you want to learn useful ways about how to sell art prints and giclees? Would getting a firm grasp on how to price art prints help you? If you want to find the best, most current ideas on how to market art,  and how to sell art prints, you will find what you need on Start by checking out How to Profit from the Art Print Market, 2nd Edition. I published the first edition in 2005. A testament to its value is it remains a top seller on lists of art business books. If you are interested in the print market, be sure to see my companion e-book titled How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints

Put Your Art Career on Solid Ground, Permanently.

By studying and then implementing my guerrilla marketing for artists techniques, you will create a workable action plan. The core ideas are to develop a group of direct buying collectors. These will be your most loyal and best customers. You will learn new ways to build on your foundation of collectors. It begins by properly researching to target your top prospects.

If you want to drill down and get the details on how this works, review Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Career. It is my fourth art marketing book overall, and my second bestselling paperback. It includes extensive advice on building a warm local market using effective networking techniques.

Learn Easy-to-use Steps to Network Your Way to Success.

Your results happen as you apply effective networking techniques to grow a local, regional and national following for your work. By applying smart, informed art marketing techniques, you will grow your gallery and dealer network. Building a strong local/regional following will make spreading out as far geographically as you wish easier.

The More You  Control Your Distribution, the More Money You Make, and the More You Bulletproof Your Career.

The point is to control your distribution by selling direct as much as possible and tightly managing the rest of your distribution channels. By focusing on what works, you will spend less time and make more money.

Learn How to Sell Art

Few people, and fewer artists, are born with natural sales skills. That minor drawback has not kept anyone with the desire to succeed from learning how to sell art. By simply mastering a just a couple of techniques, you can learn how to sell art more efficiently than you can imagine.

My Zen of Selling Art e-book is a compilation of the best advice I have given in blog posts, magazine articles, personal consultations and other media. It is one of those books you can start reading anywhere and get something from it. Use it to reinvigorate your selling skills, or to get inspired to learn new ones.

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