Barney Davey Barney Davey is the president and founder of Bold Star Communications, an art marketing communications and consulting firm. It is the largest firm in the U.S. named Bold Star Communications. ;-).

In 2011, the name was informally shortened to Bold Star Media. Since 1988, Barney has been intimately involved in the art business. As a sales and marketing executive for Decor magazine and its sister Decor Expo tradeshows, Barney consulted with hundreds of the industry’s leading art publishers and self-published artists regarding their art marketing and advertising strategies.

Due to Barney’s extensive art industry contacts and experiences, he dealt with leading self-published artists and art publishers. Through his direct interaction, he has observed their best practices and noted similarities in their attributes and strategies. 

Today, he benefits his readers and clients with the insider knowledge he gained and combines it with his own extensive marketing experiences. The result is visual artists who avail themselves of his services acquire wisdom and tools they can use to advance their careers. As Director of Strategic Alliances for Pfingsten Publishing, LLC, the former owner of Decor magazine and Decor Expo, he successfully identified and negotiated with numerous companies seeking to create marketing synergies with the media company. Those broad intensive experiences increased his already substantial knowledge of art print marketing and Internet marketing.

In addition to his art marketing consulting, he does public speaking on art and Internet marketing. He is the author and publisher of the 302-page book, How to Profit in the Art Print Market 2nd Edition.  He also publishes the prolific Art Print Issues, a business blog for visual artists with more than 400 posts published on the site since its inception in 2005. In addition the book and blog,

Barney has produced the Giclee Business directory. It has more than 500 listings of giclee printers and fine art business resources for visual artists. Barney's latest project is Giclee Business News, an online news magazine about the digital fine art market.

For many years, Barney was a frequent guest blogger for Absolute Arts, one of the leading fine art sites for artists, collectors and patrons. Barney has conducted art business seminars on art marketing with numerous artist guilds and associations. He has collaborated with well-known artist career advisory services such as well-known author and workshop leader, Jason Horejs, Artist Career Training and the Art Biz Coach. Barney resides in Arizona with his wife, Mary, and their two Cairn Terriers, Lucie and Maggie.