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I write about common art career frustrations on my art business blog. How many hit home with you?

  • You feel like your art marketing plans and programs take up too much time and produce too little results?
  • You have a pretty good career going, but you don’t know what art marketing tools to use to keep it growing and take it to the next level.
  • You sometimes fear you are going to be stuck in your soul sucking day job forever, or worry it could abruptly end because of circumstances beyond your control.
  • You find the online marketplace so competitive and crowded it seems impossible to believe any amount of art marketing will help you succeed there.
  • You have hit the wall trying to get into galleries, or you are not getting sales from those that show your work.

Art Marketing | Guerrilla Marketing for Artists - Order Your Copy Today!Don’t feel bad – you are not alone, and it’s not your fault.

If you have had doubts that no matter how hard you might try that your chances of  leaving a powerful legacy, becoming wealthy and well-known, or having your art be instrumental in helping a cause dear to your heart, or building the dream career you so desperately want is all beyond your grasp, they are normal. Feeling like these are far more typical than you might imagine. Even the most successful artists sometimes secretly feel unworthy. Or, like their art isn’t any better, or even as good, as many unknown contemporaries. What most of them have discovered is effective art marketing is a wonderful remedy to conquer art career worries.

It is time to banish your doubts and seize control of your art career!

The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part. The heart of your problems are simple. You just have not had the right art marketing tools, and the knowledge to use and leverage them properly. They don’t teach practical career advice like this in art schools because they just don’t know how.

Learn from 25 years of art marketing experience.

I took action to help artists because I have invaluable art marketing experience and knowledge to share. For years, I have watched so many visual artists struggle. They worried about lackluster sales, lost recognition, and feeling trapped by conditions that kept them  from realizing their art career ambitions. It is why I wrote Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Learn How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Art Career. t wanted to give artists like you a believable way to seize control of your career permanently. This book is a result of all the art marketing wisdom I have gained from helping artists with their art marketing for 25 years.

Today’s art market offers opportunities for artists who see and use them.

With the way the art market works today, you can build a bulletproof career designed around what you decide is important. The tools, tips and techniques in my Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Learn How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Art Career book show you how to:

  • Set and meet art career goals based on your needs, desires and capabilities.
  • Target the best prospects most likely to buy your work directly from you with effective art marketing.
  • Build a network of loyal patrons who want to own your work and support your career.
  • Determine which traditional and digital art marketing tools are best for your unique situation.
  • Focus your marketing on selective projects to get most fire power and return from your efforts

Gaining 100 Collectors

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Learn How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Art Career shows artists how they can get control of their careers. By using simple and effective networking and art marketing techniques, they can systematically build a solid base of collectors who buy directly from them.

If during the course of a lifetime an artist establishes ongoing, fulfilling relationships with his or her collectors and amasses somewhere in the range of 100 collectors, an artist potentially can sell a third or more of their original work to them.

Immunize Your Art Career Success

By having these close personal bonds with patrons, artists become much more immune to the effects of a bad economy or if other distribution systems falter. In other words, galleries may come and go, social media platforms may lose their luster and other channels of selling work may dry up altogether. Meanwhile, those artists who have built direct buying sales connections with collectors who love them and their work will be the ones who continue to thrive in hard times and will lead the pack in the good times.

Now You Can Learn How to Make Your Art Career Thrive As Never Before

When you read Guerrilla Marketing for Artists, you will gain from my decades long experience advising visual artists. I am confident any visual artist can learn how to take the ideas in this book and use them to creative an effective, efficient marketing program that will deliver results. Each of us only have so much time, money and other resources to pursue our dreams and fulfill our goals. What you will learn are techniques to help you brainstorm to learn what is truly important to you in your art career. You will find you do not have to leave it to chance that you will get to know the right people who can either buy your art, or influence others to buy your art. Learning the tips and techniques to do this puts you miles ahead of your competition.

What Readers Are Saying About Guerrilla Marketing for Artists

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists is without any question, the best contemporary resource, or, if you will, the best resource-period, the best tool, for any artist at any level. I consider your book Guerrilla Marketing for Artists as the compass and global positioning system/survival kit for all artists to hone in on the 21st Century’s new landscape of opportunity. ~ Bud Smallwood

I love your book! I found it to be the most practical and direct information on this subject. ~ Julie Brayton Your book

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists blows my mind. It is THE Bible for artists, I have read nothing like it ever before. People have asked me how I sell so much of my art and I always told them through marketing and my website. Your book opened a door for me to becoming a professional artist. There are many things I have never thought of that you present in your book. ~ Frances Velling

Chapter Nine addresses marketing art online and is probably worth the price of the book in and of itself. ~ Bob Killen

Smart Art Marketing Is All About Using Your Time and Resources Wisely

You will learn how to assess your available resources, and then use that knowledge to help you set and meet your career goals. You can do almost anything if you have enough time, the right tools and are motivated to complete the tasks at hand. I will show you how breaking your goals down to small, easily completed incremental steps is how you will stay motivated and stay on the right path to get everything you have decided is important done. There is great satisfaction in ticking off item after item on your daily to-do lists. By having small steps to take, you will never need to feel overwhelmed by your ambitious goals..

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from Your Marketing Efforts

Throughout nearly 30 years in the advertising, marketing and tradeshow business, with decades alone in the art business, I have futilely watched as artists, publishers and other marketers threw away their money on one-shot marketing and advertising opportunities. You cannot afford to market that way. To make your marketing work, you need to have your messages touch your art buyers  7 – 10 times, or more. The messages need to be timed to hit over a specified period, never just because something new, shiny and ultimately ineffective comes along. Readers will learn how to synergize their art marketing. Just like guerrillas never fight wars, you make each piece of your marketing a targeted skirmish. By knowing when your marketing will hit and where it will hit and why you have chosen a certain target or project, you can make everything you do add-on top of the earlier message. And, because you give yourself ample lead time on every aspect of your marketing, you can plan and plot to get it done in easy, small steps.

The success you want from your art career is 100% unique to you.

There is no cookie cutter solution to what makes up a successful art career. If you have floundered due to confusion about what to do, or trying to follow someone else’s convoluted theory of how to succeed as an artist, it’s no wonder you are frustrated. What you need is the ability to sum up what is best for you, what will work best to help you get what is best for you, and how to go about implementing the right tools and techniques to achieve your dreams. The truth is, though, every great accomplishment involves a learning curve, experimentation, “uncomfortable feedback”, and refinement of your process. Sometimes that’s just not obvious to us. Sometimes we think others were just born with a magic “entrepreneurial art marketing lobe” of their brain…they weren’t.

At one time, every artist started right where you are now.

There’s no reason holding you back from the same kind of success that others enjoy.  And, there’s even better news: you can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you. Because now, the Guerrilla Marketing for Artists book clears the jungle path ahead of you. It gives you the leading “what’s working now” tactics you need, and most importantly… Helps you avoid the dangers and pitfalls along your path.

Get Your Art Marketing in Gear and Begin Bulletproofing Your Art Career Today! ACT NOW!

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Guerrilla Marketing for Artists - How to Find More Collectors
Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How to Find More Collectors and Build a Bulletproof Art Career, shows artists how they can get control of their careers. By using simple and effective networking and marketing techniques, they can systematically build a solid base of collectors who buy directly from them.
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