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Best Art Business Books and Art Marketing Books

Best art business books researched for you

Here are the best art business books on the market to help visual artists I can find. The challenge is to find the time to find the best art marketing and art business books. The list steadily grows as established and first-time authors publish new books. You can also find a link to this best art business books list on my Art Print Issues blog. You also will find 500+ post on best art marketing and art business ideas and practices.

I do my best to read as many as possible. When I find the best art business books, I add them to my list.  If you want to link to this list of recommended list of art business books and art marketing books, you can use this standalone link:

As a disclaimer, I make an affiliate commission when you click on a link and  buy anything on Honestly, I doubt the earnings come close to compensating me for the time doing the research. But, that’s okay, I mostly do it to help you. If I get a small reward for doing so, I’m guessing you won’t mind.  Cheers, Barney

It was challenging to come up with the best art business books and art marketing books. It was another challenge to come up with categories to help artists find the art business resources they need. Here are the categories I decided to use:

Business & Marketing Books for Visual Artists