How to Sell Art Prints

How to Sell Art Prints, Giclees and Photography

In today’s changing business environment, you need new marketing ideas and resources to sell more art and find new buyers. This book is for visual artists who want to learn how to sell art prints in new ways. You will find practical advice and useful tips and techniques how to sell art prints, giclees, and fine art photography.

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Discover new ways to sell art prints, giclees, and photography

How to Profit from the Art Print Market, 2nd Edition has the knowledge and information you need to succeed in the print market. Its 300-pages of insider information will help you understand the intricacies of the art print market and guide you to success in it. Visual artists and fine art photographers will learn:

♦  Insights into the marketing techniques of top-selling visual artists.
♦  How to coordinate e-commerce, publicity, social media, online and email marketing to drive sales.
♦  Ideas to create new distribution channels and creative ways to sell your work direct.
♦  Practical suggestions to produce repeat sales of your fine art reproductions.
♦  Where to contact nearly 500 business and marketing resources for visual artists.

Learn about the Art Print Market!

You can use the information here to take charge of your career and create unique ways on how to sell art prints using modern methods to generate loyal collectors who buy from you directly.

The book’s mission to help you shortcut your path to success in art print market. By using the practical advice found in How to Profit from the Art Print Market 2nd Edition, you give yourself the best odds of enjoying a satisfying career in the print market. The book is a treasure trove of insider knowledge. It will help you get the highest value from your art marketing efforts.

As a visual artist, you have the power to create and control the direct distribution of your work. You can use developments in print-on-demand technology, social media and changing consumer buying habits to make this happen.

The Secret to Art Print Marketing Success Is to Use Proven Techniques of Top Selling Print Artists.

Your art print marketing efforts will benefit as you learn to apply the techniques of successful print artists. You will enjoy the excellent results that come from steadily using the best available techniques to sell more art.

The 2nd Edition of How to Profit from the Art Print Market 2nd Edition helps visual artists develop a workable, personalized plan to succeed. It guides you to opportunities in the evolving art print market and useful ways improve your art marketing skills.

Here are seven reasons why How to Profit from the Art Print Market 2nd Edition will boost your art print marketing capabilities:

Seven Reasons to Buy How to Profit from the Art Print Market, 2nd Edition

  1. Diversify your income and price points with fine art print giclees.
  2. Discover new ideas to help you sell art online, through galleries, alternative spaces, and other sources.
  3. Coordinate your marketing using social media, e-commerce, websites, email, and publicity to create your loyal customers.
  4. Employ best practices when working with print and poster publishers.
  5. Locate and work with giclee printers and giclee printing services.
  6. Utilize the expanded Resources section with nearly 500 listings of art marketing companies, products and services find the just right help you need.
  7. Get the lowdown on penetrating the licensing, health care fine art and hospitality design markets, and much, much more.

Testimonials Don’t Get Better Than This!

After 18 years as a “print artist,” I was confident I knew just about everything in respects to selling art and annually growing my business.  Based on my commercial success, I was approached in 2006 to launch a new, outside poster business. The line was to feature vintage collegiate sports scenes. Market tests suggested it would have instant national appeal.  The selling of the line would differ from my typical marketing practices. It would run strictly on a wholesale model. It did face some significant licensing hurdles.

I accepted the challenge but felt enormous pressure to know absolutely all I could about:  Selling wholesale, building a robust dealer network, working with national sales reps, trade shows, and printing and framing on a massive scale.  I sought advice from art industry experts. Some books and websites were recommended to me.  I devoured every verbal and written word I could find. All in all, I found Barney’s straightforward, solid advice second-to-none. I’ve never highlighted or dog-eared more pages of a book.Today, based on many principles and suggestions from How to Profit from the Art Print Market, my Historic Football Posters.com is an extraordinary success, and my business has grown smarter and even more successful.

In a word, “How to Profit” is the single best business book ever written for artists.  It has more than just great tactical advice. The book interjects confidence that artists with an intelligent plan and good work can be a success.

What’s humbling is by the time I discovered Barney’s book I had sold over a million dollars in art and thought I knew all I needed about the marketplace. I quickly realized “How to Profit” was a treasure chest of knowledge I did not have.  I genuinely regret the book wasn’t available 20 years ago.

– Michael Geraghty, Laurel, Maryland

How to Profit from the Art Print Market Table of Contents

Chapter One Goals and Vision
Chapter Two Understanding Art Print Media
Chapter Three First Things First
Chapter Four Traits and Attributes of Self-published Artists
Chapter Five Economics of Self-publishing
Chapter Six Exemplary and Successful Self-published Artists
Chapter Seven Finding and Working with a Publisher
Chapter Eight Copyrights and Certificates of Authenticity
Chapter Nine Trends and Inspiration
Chapter Ten Business Marketing Basics for the Self-published Artist
Chapter Eleven Publicity, Promotion and the Power of Self Belief
Chapter Twelve Websites for Artists
Chapter Thirteen Online Marketing and Social Media
Chapter Fourteen Galleries, Dealers and Alternative Spaces
Chapter Fifteen Licensing
Chapter Sixteen Giclees and Digital Prints

Learn How to Sell Art Prints

The book has been a perennial bestseller* on the Amazon.com “Business of Art” and “Prints” lists since the first edition was first published in 2005. The second edition is revised and expanded to help you meet the new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities to succeed in today’s print market.

Visual artists, fine art photographers, and graphic artists will discover:

  • Rock solid, timely guidance designed to help visual artists and fine art photographers sell art prints.
  • Ways to efficiently use coordinate publicity, social media, and email marketing to ratchet up your sales, including how to sell art online.
  • Useful new content and more chapters containing new ideas, updated examples, and valuable advice.
  • A huge list of nearly 500 business and marketing resources for visual artists.
  • Practical solutions designed to help you generate regular repeat sales of fine art reproductions in any economy.
  • Straightforward suggestions on how to create new channels and control how you distribute your work.

Readers will benefit from access to one of the industry’s most informative and helpful resources at a great price. Reading How to Profit from the Art Print Market is sure to enhance your business knowledge and improve your sales.

Bonus Business Resource Directory!

As a visual artist, you will love the expanded business Resources section. It offers nearly 500 listings of marketing companies, products, and services to help take your artist career to new levels.

New Chapters – More How to Sell Art Prints Content!

You will find the book’s 16 chapters loaded with ideas and information edited to help fine artists, photographers, and graphic artists learn how to get their work into the print market.

Q&A for author Barney Davey

Get the Q&A scoop with Barney Davey.

How to Profit from the Art Print Market Second Edition fills the void in educating artists about the print market. It gives artists new insights on how to sell art prints and giclees. It is designed to help visual artists, fine art photographers, digital and graphic artists understand marketing techniques that will create ongoing sales.

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How to Profit from the Second Edition - 2nd EditionYou can download Chapter One: Goals and Vision free as a pdf. It includes the Introduction and the Table of Contents. To get started, click on the image to the left, or CLICK HERE to get your free digital download of Chapter One. 

You will find some challenging questions there to ask yourself about your career goals. You will learn the only right answer is the one you choose for yourself because it is the correct answer for you in your career now.

The content discusses the merits and pitfalls of being a full-time, part-time and serious hobbyist artist. It examines ambition and why it is far from a bad thing for artists who want to succeed to their fullest.

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Any artist, fine art photographer or graphic designer will find this 302-page useful book chock full of advice, examples, resources, links, and insights about print marketing. How to Profit from the Art Print Market Second Edition offers visual artists’ career advice and answers the ageless question, “How to Sell My Art?”

Test your knowledge: 50 vital print career questions — How many can you answer now?

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