Testimonials for How to Profit from the Art Print Market

I wish I could have read this book when I started in the print business. It would have saved me time, money and frustration in learning how to sell my art.

~ Ralph Burch, Top selling art print and licensing artist, San Diego, California  www.ralphburch.com

The reproduction market gives an artist increased exposure and the potential for a natural stream of additional income. Every artist should consider the fine art print market and Barney’s book is an indispensible guide to navigating the print world. Barney gives you an unvarnished look at what it takes to make it and how to avoid unrealistic expectations and expensive pitfalls. This book is a must-have for the serious, professional artist.

~ Jason Horejs, owner Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. He is the author of “Starving” to Successful: The Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting into Galleries.

I heartily recommend this book to any artist wishing to enter the print market. I’m thrilled to have found it, read it, and look forward to sharing it with my clients. As far as I know, it’s one of a kind. “How to Profit . . . ” demystifies the print world for readers. It’s a great reference for who you need to know and where you need to go. I also very much appreciate Davey’s frankness. He speaks with genuine authority.

~ Alyson Stanfield, www.ArtBizCoach.com

I want to let you know how valuable your book and consultation have been for us. Your knowledge, insights and suggestions were so helpful in guiding us to make some difficult decisions. These two photos of my copy of your book are a visual that says it all. I started to read the book and mark the pages with important information. Well, you can see how many pages I thought were important!!

~ Shelley Lieber, Marketing Mgr. for Joe Gemignani, Asheville, NC  www.VisualImpressionsArt.com

With the new poster venture in my life, I decided to read everything I had — or could find on art licensing…All said, one of the three I’ve been reading has been yours. I’ve said it before: it’s the single best ‘business’ book ever written for artists.

What’s so cool, when initially purchased, I was in a different place as an artist — and it had value to me. Now that I’ve added a new art product — from totally different sales angle — to my potential income stream, your book still has great value! It’s been a treasure trove of knowledge, ideas and new perspective.

~ Michael Geraghty, Laurel, MD, named the nation’s best equine artist by The Daily Racing Form,  www.ipaintchampions.com

So much of what you read today concerning any business advice comes from the other end of the horse. But Barney’s book is a must-read simply because he was in the art business for nearly 20 years! He knows about art–from how to make it to how to sell it. If you’re an artist looking to represent himself or herself, this book’s wisdom is invaluable. It’s been my experience, having also been in the art business for 13 years, that most artists don’t know how to market themselves or sell their stuff. A lot of the art you see isn’t necessarily the best of what’s out there, it’s just better marketed than some of the other stuff.

Take advantage of the experience Barney brings to the table. Years with DECOR magazine, the Bible of the art trade, and with the DECOR Expo trade shows. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly…and he’s seen how to market it. Even if you, the artist, isn’t necessarily planning to market yourself, get this book, read it and then pass it along to the person or persons who will be marketing your stuff.

The bottom line is that the print market is the most lucrative part of the art market, unless you’re a Monet or a Van Gogh, and who is? But it’s also the part of the market where you can easily lose whatever money you throw into it…unless you know how it works and how to work it. Barney’s book, “How to Profit from the Art Print Market,” does exactly that. HIGHLY recommended!

~ John Taff, former publisher Decor, the business magazine for art & picture framing professionals

Barney Davey’s book, How to Profit in the Art Print Market, is an essential reference and guide to the Print World for the visual artist. It is an invaluable teaching tool for making the studio artist very aware of the necessity of career self-investment of money and time.

Davey generously shares his years of experience in the commercial fine art print business to help newcomers who wish to sell art prints and successfully maneuver the field. Davey’s down-to-earth-facts about self-publishing are clearly outlined and inform the artist about costs and procedures. I highly recommend this book to all artists, even if they do not intend to go into print. The book is about the BUSINESS of art.

~ Joella Jean Mahoney, exhibiting artist, Sedona, Arizona, Red Stone Gallery

Barney delivers comprehensive knowledge and insight about every aspect of what publishing your art really entails. This book is invaluable for artists who need accurate advice in understanding the answer to “How to sell my art?” Equally important, he gives artists a much-needed, matter-of-fact reality check on putting their dreams and potential careers in a business perspective.

His knowledge of the business’s inner workings will accelerate the careers of those who do have what it takes. Barney’s wisdom has already had a major positive impact on my art career. Kudos to a sorely needed voice.

~ Jeffrey Paul Burger, Visual Artist, Multi-media Artist, Denver, CO  www.ArtStreams.tv

Barney Davey has written a compelling art print market performance guide by defining the ABC’s of the business. How to Profit from the Art Print Market will help guide any entrepreneurial artist by providing a professional business foundation with superior market knowledge.

~ Larry A. Bauman, Ph.D., CMC – Consultant to leading art & picture framing companies