Content Creation to

Engage & Persuade.  

Does your content marketing support your mission and grab your audience's interests? Do you need a fresh start to reinvigorate your content marketing plans? If yes, we should talk.

I deliver high-quality, long-form content designed to engage your ideal buyers.  


My expertise is at your disposal 

One-Minute Why

Content Marketing

The world has changed forever measurably, but selling services and creative goods remains a people business. We strategize a content marketing strategy. Then I write content to:

  1. Connect with your ideal buyers   
  2. Convert them to take action
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Start with Strategy & Copywriting

Words and tone matter. How you say what you say is crucial to conversion. 

Write Like Hemingway 

His brevity, clarity and understatement inspire us. 

Strategize Like Don Draper

"If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation." 

Communicate with Stories

Copy that places your customer in the hero's journey forms a bond with your brand. It produces word-of-mouth evangelists.

We strategize for a message to define your why. Then we bake it into your sales copy, promo videos, advertising and graphics.   


Now's the time to tell... 

the "Why" of your business.

People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it. – Simon Sinek

 Your Content Strategy starts with compelling copywriting.
Branded promo videos are always included.

A Client "Why" Video Written & Produced by Barney Davey

“Convincing content sways preferences and perceptions.” – Barney Davey

Branded Graphics Connect Your Marketing

These are a few examples of the dozen-plus graphics included with your core package. They enhance your story. Your logo, brand colors, images, and slogan drive the design of your custom graphics bundle. 

FB Cover Page

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Vertical Story

Twitter Post

Square FB/IG

Barney Davey Instagram post

FB wide post

Barney Davey FB wide post

Connected Marketing Assets Convert Better

Recognizable messages tell your story, increase conversions and keep your Ad Scent on track.
"Ad scent is the consistency between an ad and the landing page it sends you to."  - Russ Henneberry

The power of connecting persuasive copy with matched video and graphics is undeniable    

all CORE packages include these components:

Strategy Sessions

We'll create a compelling marketing message and an action plan to promote it.

Sales Page

Landing page optimization is the goal. We'll construct yours to boost conversions. 

Promotional Video

60-second video works with your homepage, social media, and advertising.

Branded Graphics 

Matching social and advertising graphics enhance your marketing.

VSLs Command Attention.

VSLs (Video Sales Letters) are useful to boost marketing messages. We'll cover if using one fits your business. 

Lead Gen services tailored for you

Lead generation is the lifeblood of new sales. We will explore if one of these examples of lead magnets will benefit your plans. Suggestions include Contests, Giveaways, Mini-courses, Webinars, and the popular items below.




How Price Art ebook


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Additional CLIENT services

  • Content - SEO content, blog posts, newsletters, and articles.
  • Webinars -  Design, outline, create slides, copywriting. Option to host your webinar on WebinarJam or Everwebinar.
  • Logo Animations - Custom motion logo animation, intros and outros, and more.
  • Miscellaneous - Lead magnets with advertising graphics, Voiceover, VSLs (Video Sales Letters), PowerPoint Presentations

They Say

Larry Neilson

CEO, Program Business

"Great job! Barney's strong copy was timely, well-researched and effective. The video and custom infographics were topnotch."

Hey There 

I Want You - Barney Davey

"I'm looking for one more genuine testimonial. You can only get here because you get crazy good results from working with me. Let's talk."

Jana Kappeler

Entrepreneur, Fine Artist

"I can highly recommend working with Barney to anyone interested in moving your business forward."

Barry Strasbourg-Thompson

Contemporary Healing Art

"Following Barney's guidance, I now have nine art dealers in Canada and the UK, shows, teaching contracts, and more."


I'm fortunate to only work on projects that vitalize me. I seek to share my expertise and experience for the benefit of clients who value me as much as I do them. I'm passionate about helping motivated marketers achieve exceptional outcomes. It inspires me.


My clients save time, ease stress, and enjoy greater accomplishments. We strategize to devise the best uses for the marketing assets they get from me, including: 

  • Powerful sales letter/landing page copywriting
  • Custom, branded promotional marketing videos
  • Complementary social media graphics, and more


To give my clients undivided attention, I only work with a few at a time. I enjoy working closely with clients to agree on deliverables. They provide details. I produce a suite of custom marketing assets for them. My tribe appreciates having no costly retainers or recurring fees.   

About Me.

I love coffee, dogs, anything mint, and a good joke. My beautiful wife, Mary, is my best friend. For more than 30 years, I've had the honor and pleasure of helping creative entrepreneurs develop marketing plans and strategies. Learn more here.

My path from advertising exec, to author, blogger, course creator, and direct marketer led me to my passion—copywriting and marketing strategist. Finding inventive ways to help clients solve problems and succeed keeps me fresh and fires my imagination. I'm lucky to have the time to devote to select clients. It's the best and only way I do business these days.

Connect with a Discovery Call?

Do you need better results from your existing marketing assets and have a budget for the core package of marketing services listed above? Then let's explore working together. 

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