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8-Steps to Art Marketing Mastery

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Guerrilla Marketing for Artists - art marketing workshops

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Barney Davey often presents art marketing workshops live and online. His topics include how to sell art, selling art prints and building a bulletproof art career. These fine organizations have reviewed or excerpted Barney’s book, engaged him for art marketing workshops, or have distributed his books:

art marketing workshops

Barney Davey publishes Art Print Issues, a business blog for visual artists. It has more than 500 art marketing and art business posts. He is the author of four books on art marketing.

Contact Barney to discuss art marketing workshops, or for other speaking engagements. His topics are art marketing, art print marketing, publishing my art and the state of the print market. He can tailor a program to meet your organization’s needs from a 45 minute speech to a 2-day art marketing workshop.

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Attendee Comments from Past Art Marketing Workshops

This was a splendid webinar — completely worth the time and monetary commitment. So much information was made available to us…the webinar was invaluable. S. Ketcham

Learning how to “Create an Ideal Weekly Plan” – I think this will be a tremendous help to keep me focused on the right thing at the right time and reduce the creep of low priority distractions. A. Rimpo

Now that I have direction, I will stop faltering. Previously, I did not know what to do next. The reference guide with list of tools and resources are very helpful. I plan on implementing many of them. I plan to start with mapping my week, which will be most helpful in getting a focus. So many distractions keep me from creating, and then it takes so much time just to promote yourself. B. Venosdel

The whole webinar was very informative, so it’s tough to single out one thing, but the section on social media probably answered the most questions.- A. Bartos

The importance of focusing on local market. I had been lured by the notion that the internet will allow me to skip that part. K. Doner

Barney Davey’s Webinar was worth every penny and more! His information is current, yet tried-and-true, relevant in today’s quick-passed world. By focusing and closely following the advice he gives artists gain knowledge and hope that they can sell their artwork, and can overcome marketing obstacles. I am an artist who produces lots of work. However, until now I did not know how to “get it out there” to be seen and sold. Exposure is everything! Thank you!!! S. Pierce


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