coaching to get things done with compassion

Dreams. Goals. Realities. 

Live Your Best Artist's Life 

Setting and achieving goals is how you make dreams come true. I will help you align your goals and actions with your capabilities and desires. I'm here to encourage you set goals, get things done, and live your best artist's life.  

Being self-sufficient is a key to a well-lived artist's life.

When you encounter people living their best lives, you are sure to find they know how to get things done and how to involve and train others to help them. 

A proverb says: “To go fast, go alone. To go go far, go together.” When you lean into coaching, using a freelancer, or hiring employees, you go far to enjoying your artist's life. 

Self-sufficiency Matters

Whether you rely on getting things done yourself, or guide others to do them for you, the more competency you put in the process, the greater your results in life and business.  

Turning Dreams into Realities

Dreams and realities don't need to conflict. You can align your dreams with your reality. Then follow with prioritizing your goals and acting on them. The results from completing your most valuable tasks will propel your business.

Accomplishing the goals you set are the key to living a joyful well-lived, artist's life.      

FAQS about Working with Barney Davey


Tell me about coaching with you.

The work is about coaching and accountability. I will help you solve problems. You can talk strategy with me to get clear on goals. I am flexible and have options below. We will point at something as Austin Kleon brilliantly discusses in his Pointing at Things blog post. (Please read his post. It is 5-minutes and worthy of your time.) By pointing at something, I mean we set goals achievable in the time allowed for them.

Essentially, you determine what you want to (point at) achieve with my help. We will take your goal and work backward to identify the underlying tasks to complete it. Then we prioritize tasks and timeframes. From there, it's time to get work done.

You know the thing we're pointing at? We are going to do it, which is what makes this process powerful.

What do you mean when you say, "self-sufficiency matters?"

I intend to give you my experience and wisdom with advice on how to use it profitably. I will help guide you to an ambitious but achievable goal for us.   

To be self-sufficient, you must know how to perform the underlying tasks to hit the goal. The best way to permanently replace yourself is to train your replacement well. Accomplishing the tasks proves your resolve to complete the plan and stokes your confidence in it.

You may become proficient at the tasks and never need help. Better results most often occur when you include training others to help you. A side benefit of learning and doing the tasks is you can teach with competency. Hiring others to free your time is a higher level of self-sufficiency.   

What kind of goals and projects do you suggest?

I will work with you on any goal that is reasonably achievable in the time allowed to complete it. You can use consulting sessions to create a strategy, develop lead magnets, or brainstorm ideas for your business, and much more.  

To make the best use of our time together, we should work on urgent and essential goals. You may have many needs, which is typical. We'll choose and work on one at a time. Here are suggestions to start a conversation for working together with more options available:

  • Develop an avatar or ideal customer persona.
  • Create an opt-in form and lead magnet offer.
  • Build a series of email automation and emails.
  • Plan a blog series.
  • Create a marketing outreach program.
  • Establish a content marketing plan.
  • Build a course.

What are your prices for coaching?

I don't like hype, upsells, and pressure and I'm sure you feel the same. So, I do my best to give you straight answers. To help you improve and succeed, I offer you my most precious commodity—my time and expertise.

You can book my time in hours, days, and weeks.


My hourly fee is $100. It's a fair rate that would be higher, except I love helping artists. One or ten hours is the same rate because no one can discount time or get it back.


You can book one, two, and no more than three days to start. The rate is $550 per day for six-hours. 

Four Weeks

Weeks are 30-minute sessions for four consecutive weeks for $197. At my usual $75 per half hour, this rate should be $300. I set it low to make it affordable as a test and long-term project. To value your time and mine, we honor the 30-minute timeframe. You can only make up missed sessions if you reschedule before the session.

Thirteen Weeks 

Weekly 50-minute coaching session for 13-weeks / 90-days.$1050.00. You determine a goal with my help if you wish, that you want to complete; I'll help you create a schedule and to-do list to work on during your 13 week period. We'll use the weekly sessions to fine-tune your operation and as a an accountability partner if you wish.

WAIT. can I ask you other QUESTIONS? 

Yes, of course, I'm here for you and will be happy to answer your questions. You can send me an email to [email protected] use Facebook Messenger, or book a 15-minute call by Zoom or phone on this link 

Choose & Book Your Coaching Option

You have choices for the type and length of coaching. See the "What Are Your Prices for Coaching?' tab above for details. 

Barney Davey


I'm Barney 

I love coffee, dogs, anything mint, and a good joke. My beautiful wife, Mary, is my best friend. For more than 30 years, I've had the honor and pleasure of helping creative entrepreneurs develop marketing plans and strategies. 

My path from publishing, media, and advertising executive to author, blogger, course creator, and direct marketer led me to coaching artists. Finding inventive ways to help clients solve problems and succeed keeps me fresh and fires my imagination. I'm lucky to have the time to devote to select clients. It's the best and only way I do business these days.

Barney Davey Founder