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This 90-second story highlights 30 years of helping artists get their work to market. Enjoy!   

Consulting Fact Sheet

Please complete and return before our first session. Having this information in advance will give you more constructive consulting time and allow you to get the most from your consulting session. Please email the information.

PO Box 25386, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: (602) 499-7500
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To simplify the process, just reply using the question number in front of your answers. I realize not all questions apply. Just use n/a when they don’t.

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1.  How long have you been an artist?

2.  Briefly describe what type of art do you now create?

3.  Are you a full-time or part-time artist?
(Full-time means you make your living as an artist)

4.  Do you have a budget or access to financing to fund your business? (Describe briefly)

5. What is your primary medium, and what is the price range for your work?

6. How is your production? How many originals can you make in a month or year?

7.  Do you have work in prints now?  If yes, please describe,
(How many images, what medium, who published, etc.)

8.  Have you decided whether to self-publish or seek a publisher?

9.  What business skills do you bring to your publishing venture?
(Previous marketing, management or sales experience, etc.)

10.  Do you have or have access to qualified marketing staff to help you?
(Describe briefly)

11.  What would you like to achieve from your consulting session?

12. Please give any other background information or details that can help me understand your business and your goals.


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