How to Price Art Prints

Learn How to Price Giclees and Fine Art Prints

How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints

Traditionally, visual artists and fine art photographers have found learning how to price art prints is a complex, if not a bewildering, chore.

Now, there is useful information on how to price art prints, giclees, and fine art photography prints. How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints: Tips from Top Art Marketing Minds, offers insights, advice, and experiences from the industry’s top art marketing. Buy it on Amazon here.

Artists on a mission to discover how to price art prints will find answers here.

Barney Davey posed a series of art print pricing questions to a panel of industry experts. He asked them to answer the questions where they had expertise or experiences to offer. The contributed answers form an invaluable collection of useful insights about how to price art prints.

Pricing giclees and digital fine art prints is a subjective undertaking.

There is no cookie-cutter formula. What works well for one artist will be a complete bust for another. Readers will find differing points of view from the contributing authors. As with all other aspects of successfully operating a small business, artists ultimately will need to come to their conclusions. The book helps artists to inform their decisions and guide them to most profitable how to price art print pricing strategies.

Here is a sampling of the questions asked and answered in the book:

•  Is pricing by the square inch the best method?
•  What are some other ways to price prints besides per square inch?
•  How important is consistency in pricing art prints across different distribution channels? For instance, does it harm an artist to have different prices on an artist’s website or blog, galleries, juried shows, online venues, art fairs, and so forth?
•  Should pricing for sale through galleries and dealers always be considered? In other words, if an artist is not in a gallery now, should her art prices include the markup to galleries? Or, only if there are plans to add galleries for distribution.
•  Is there a range or formula for pricing open edition prints versus limited edition prints? In other words, if an open edition print from an artist sells for $200, should a limited edition print of the same size sell for $500 or 25% more?
•  Does it do any harm for artists to create limited editions in different sizes?
•  Can an artist number open editions?
•  Should artists give galleries exclusives on specific images?


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