How to Profit from the Art Print Market
addresses critical art print career questions.

Learn the answers to shortcut your path to print market success!


•  How can I tell if my art is appropriate for being published?
•  What are some reasons not to publish my art?
•  What media best suits my art?
•  Should I self-publish or seek a publisher? Can I do both?
•  Why are negotiation skills helpful and where can I learn more about them?
•  Which show is the best for artists to quickly absorb information about the art print business?

Working with a Publisher

•  How do I find art print publishers and work with them?
•  What is on the publisher’s wish list for a dream artist?
•  What percentage do publishers typically pay artists?  How is it figured?
•  Describe the merits and pitfalls of working with a publisher.
•  Who are some of the more successful print artists working with a publisher instead of self-publishing?



•  What are the essential ingredients to success in self-publishing?
•  Describe the merits and pitfalls of self-publishing.
•  Explain the common traits and attributes of successful self-published artists.
•  As a self-publisher, answer the crucial question, “What business am I in?”
•  What are the three most important tasks of the business I am in?
•  By rank of importance, what are the best ways to get my art prints to market?
•  How would I describe each method of getting to market and provide insights and advice on utilizing them?
•  Who are just a few exemplary self-published artists and what can I learn about what they have done to become successful?


Economics of Self-publishing

•  How are posters priced?  What kinds of discounts are typical?
•  How are giclées priced and what is the standard dealer discount for them?
•  How do I conduct a break-even analysis of my business?
•  What are some sources for business planning books and software?
•  Where can I get free professional advice on business planning and financing?



•  What marketing activity pays the best return dollar for dollar and why?
•  Where can I participate in a POD (Print On Demand) program with one of the Internet’s top online art vendors at very low cost?
•  What is the 3-Step Process for Tradeshow Success?
•  What can I do to make sure I get the best spot possible in a tradeshow?
•  How do I prepare a thorough checklist for a tradeshow?
•  How can I double or triple the number of impressions for my company without increasing my ad budget?
•  Explain what it takes besides talent to make an impression on the curator of the Los Angeles County Art Museum and how it relates to print publishing success.
•  How do I negotiate a fair rate for my trade advertising?
•  Which publications work best for different media, i.e., poster vs. giclee?



•  Why is publicity important?  What will it do for me and my career?
•  How do I incorporate publicity into my marketing plan?
•  Where can I get professional help writing and submitting press releases?
•  Where can I submit press releases to a broad audience at no charge?
•  What is the best way to get publicity from trade publications?



•  Where can I find a free program to help me manage my contacts and inventory?
•  Where can I get an office productivity suite like Microsoft Office that is open source and free?
•  Where do I find the free software that will help me generate “keywords” for my Website?
•  What company offers free software to build a “Mission Statement?”


Defending Your Copyrights

•  How do I go about protecting and registering my copyrights?
•  Why is it important to register my copyrights?  What extra protection does it provide?
•  Where can I get help to pursue copyright infringement on my work and templates for cease and desist letters to send to violators of my copyrights?


Trends and Inspiration

•  Where do I look for ideas on trends?
•  What sources are there to help inspire my creativity and help me find a look or theme that will resonate with collectors?
•  Who decides what the new colors are that we see in home fashions yearly?
•  How can I hone my skills to be able to spot trends?


Websites and Email Marketing for Artists

•  Where can I find affordable Website hosting and building services with companies experienced in the art business?
•  Where can I find email lists of galleries to promote my art directly?
•  Where can I find a free Privacy Policy Generator that will write a professional privacy statement for my Website?
•  Give details on ways to promote my Website such as link exchanges, affiliate programs, pay-per-click programs.
•  Are there really Power Selling artists on eBay doing more than $10,000 a month in sales?



•  Where can I find out more about licensing?
•  What is a typical royalty structure for licensing?
•  What shows are there for licensing and which one is better for artists and publishers?
•  What trade publications serve the licensing field?
•  Will my publisher help me get licensing deals?
•  How do licensing deals differ from publishing royalties?



•  List all the most important trade and consumer art publications.
•  List all the most important tradeshows.
•  List the most important associations and organizations for artists and publishers.
•  What are some of the better books on art marketing to read?
•  All this and much more.