Table of Contents

How to Profit from the Art Print Market – Second Edition

Table of Contents


Chapter One – Goals and Vision

Chapter Two – Understanding Art-Print Media

Chapter Three – First Things First

Chapter Four – Traits and Attributes of Self-published Artists

Chapter Five – Economics of Self-publishing

Chapter Six – Exemplary and Successful Self-published Artists

Chapter Seven – Finding and Working with a Publisher

Chapter Eight – Copyrights and Certificates of Authenticity

Chapter Nine – Trends and Inspiration

Chapter Ten – Business Marketing Basics for the Self-Published Artist

Chapter Eleven – Publicity, Promotion and the Power of Self-Belief

Chapter Twelve – Websites for Artists

Chapter Thirteen – Online Marketing and Social Media

Chapter Fourteen – Galleries, Dealers and Alternative Spaces

Chapter Fifteen – Licensing

Chapter Sixteen – Giclées and Digital Prints


Final Words

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