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  • You get discreet, respectful conversation and practical art marketing advice.
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Barney Davey

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My motivation is to share art marketing expertise for the good of the whole.

I've published the free weekly Art Marketing News blog since 2005. Priced at $4.99 per month to leave no artist behind, a worldwide community of artists gets weekly training with live Zoom meetings from me in the Art Marketing Toolkit Project, and my Older Artists Facebook group shares and celebrates art and aging with gratitude. 

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Talk to Barney Vs. Coaching

In my experience, it's hard to find knowledgeable, sympathetic souls to talk with who get my business and appreciate my goals.

Many artists have the same situation, which motivates my purpose to offer a safe place to get answers, bounce new ideas, and get art marketing advice with logical, confidential conclusions.

The times I tapped a reliable sounding board were rewarding. I gained insights to steer clear of roadblocks and self-induced problems. Talking with someone who understood and cared helped me clarify my goals and plans. 

I know coaching works because I offer it. But I've found my best results for art marketing advice and art business tips came from informal conversations. I'm sure my my social style lends itself to conversation over coaching, which is why I'm making this offer because I know I'm not alone.

The choice is the thing. 
As humans with an independent will, we can choose what we want and how we want to live. We can choose what it means to be an artist, what art is, and how to live our best artist's lives.  
— Barney Davey

About Me.

I love coffee, dogs, anything mint, and a good joke. My beautiful wife, Mary, is my best friend. For more than 30 years, I've had the honor and pleasure of helping creative entrepreneurs develop marketing plans and strategies. Learn more here.

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Larry Neilson


" It is great working with Barney. He gets my business and my motivation. His advice is always spot on."

Jana Kappeler

Abstract Artist

"I can highly recommend working with Barney to anyone interested in moving their business forward."